Xeriscape Landscape is a form of garden decoration designed and built under limited maintenance, care, and water conditions. Each type of landscape will have different pros and cons, such as Xeriscape. Xeriscape is often preferred to decorate in arid areas. Below are more than 20 xeriscape front yard ideas that Mile High Landscape sends to you. Besides, we also suggest backyard xeriscape ideas.

Xeriscape front yard ideas

Deck and walkway

With a small line that goes in line with trees on both sides, the carpeting system creates a layering effect, allowing the House to become the center of all ideas.

deck and walkway


Are you looking for your front yard landscaping ideas for your garden to relax and gather with family?

The green grass area in the yard will be a management place for you and your family to relax after hard working days. If your lawn area has a lot of space, design a dining area, and don’t forget to add a barbecue to make it easier to see.


Pavement and pebble

Instead of using lawns planted in the yard, you can replace them with carpet tiles that look like sidewalks.

To look outstanding and accent your home landscape, you can decorate your tiled yard carpet with a gravel path for accents or arrange more tables and chairs to create a space. Chat time together.

pavement and pebble

Succulents to spare

Each type of plant will have its beauty, like the image of a garden with many drought-resistant plants such as cacti and woody plants v.v. But, on the other hand, it looks ugly and wild.

But it is the wildness that makes the highlight of the drought-tolerant garden. And this is also one of the xeriscaped front yard ideas in the collection that Mile High Land Scape sent you.

succulents to spare

Plain and Paved

If you are a newbie just starting to practice using xeriscape in garden decoration, use the simplest and easiest layout of all xeriscape front yard ideas.
A colorful minimalist scene with the dusty, sepia tones of the background may not seem attractive, but it serves as an excellent backdrop for the bushes, trees, and potted plants to come out turn on.

plain and paved

Catus garden

A small desert garden formed by a succulent cactus carpet will captivate the hearts of cactus lovers.

There are many types of cacti with different shapes and sizes to make different xeriscape front yard ideas.

catus garden

Outdoor tiling

Using tiles outside the yard is a trend in outdoor decoration popular with many people. It helps to increase the aesthetics, increases the durability of the front yard, and protects the home yard landscape from harsh weather elements.

Outdoor tiling is considered one of the xeriscaped front yard ideas that are easy to clean, clean, and dustproof.

outdoor tiling

Catus island

A garden does not necessarily have to grow large ornamental plants with a wide canopy. You are free to be creative and decorate with plants and other materials to decorate your small garden.

Your garden space does not have to be brightly colored; turn your small garden into a desert oasis with succulent plants small as broad bones and so on.

catus island

Open-air and a firepit

Images of fire pits and benches are used a lot in xeriscape front yard ideas of many houses. An open space is arranged in the front yard area; the fire pit background is raised on the gravel to form a landscape space that looks a bit wild but has something attractive and impressive to the viewer v.v

open air and a firepit

Add a water feature

Creative ideas made with water are considered a work of art, and each drop of water can form an unmistakable sound that brings enjoyment and inspiration to people.

In the xeriscaped front yard ideas, the fountain on the gravel, cobblestone background often brings elegance. It is often a decoration that contributes to making the landscape of the House much more classic.

add a water feature

Dining terrace

Instead of making a dining area surrounded by green lawns, think of the idea of ​​​​building wooden floors on the terrace area. Then, add a little accent with small potted plants with a pleasant little color to create a relaxing and private space for receiving guests or serving personal needs.

dining terrace

Play around with some perennials

Perennial plants will be candidates for the list of xeriscape front yard ideas to build a garden landscape.

There are over 100 species of perennial plants to choose from to decorate your front yard.

play around with some perennials

Mid-century modernism

An outdoor space designed in a mid-century modern style. The sophisticated, neat lines full of modernity will be reflected in the solid concrete stairs, synthetic house decks with contemporary tones, sculptures, etc.

It would not be complete without the green plants; instead of growing plants that take a long time to care for and water regularly, decorate the outdoor space with plants that can withstand high term, with a flat and flat structure.

mid century modernism

A Front yard composition

A simple xeriscape front yard idea for the House’s outdoor landscape area is a harmonious integration between the softness and lightness of trees with the firm and sturdy bit of gravel.

This combination creates a modern effect in landscape design but does not break its inherent principles.

A stage set up in your front yard will be ideal for family members and guests with artistic souls to gather and have fun together.

Together with the outdoor lights, this stage will stand out and shine like never before.

a front yard composition

Front yard lounge

A set of tables and chairs with backrests or sofas arranged in the front yard among the green grass will create an ideal front yard landscape space for you.

front yard lounge

Rock Gardens

If you already have stone walls in your yard, don’t move or throw them away. Instead, take advantage of this stone wall to become a miniature garden in front of your yard.

Taking advantage of loose rocks or building and installing them into a tight stone wall will inadvertently create growing conditions for vegetation to grow.

All these will make a mini tropical forest landscape space.

rock gardens

Succulents in Containers

Building xeriscape front yard ideas with containers will be a persistent challenge for container bonsai players because these plants will need regular care and watering when the soil becomes dry and hard.

One solution for you is to use succulents and drought-resistant plants instead.

succulents in containers

Mediterranean Plants

Creating a miniature Mediterranean garden in your backyard will be more accessible than ever. The common point of these gardens is the existence of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, etc.

The scent of the herb garden will help you relax and calm your spirit.

mediterranean plants

Cottage Gardens

Rural garden design ideas are pretty similar to xeriscape front yard ideas. Gardens designed like this will often have the appearance of plants with high drought tolerance and make the most of arid lands to become decorative green lawns for the front yard of the House.

cottage gardens

Pine Bark Mulch

Do you believe that the layers of bark humus are also one of the ingredients that make up the beauty of the xeriscape front yard landscape?

The bark humus layer over time will be decomposed very quickly, helping the soil become much more porous and fertile. This helps the vegetation to grow lushly.

pine bark mulch

Woodland Shade Gardens

To make xeriscape front yard ideas for outdoor spaces, you can plant some shade and high-coverage transplants.

woodland shade gardens

Backyard xeriscape ideas

A traditional backyard stone

The backyard space in the garden is built with stones with irregular sections that will create a very fancy and unique effect.

To add highlights to the backyard xeriscape ideas, we can add a fire pit and surrounding benches to create a cozy space for conversations together.

a traditional backyard stone

A modern backyard gravel and wood fence

A wooden pallet fence is an option that brings a bit of a classic feel to the backyard space of the house.

Often, those who have chosen for themselves a project to decorate their outdoor space with backyard xeriscape ideas will plant more rows of green trees close to the foot of the fence and add a layer of gravel to increase the absorption of the soil, support the development. Of plants and enhance the aesthetics of the backyard space.

wood and gravel fence in modern backyard

A drought-tolerant backyard garden

If the land you live in is barren and dry due to the influence of climate and weather, you can think about choosing backyard xeriscape ideas for your garden landscape.

Use drought-resistant plants and plants with succulent features combined with gravel and stones to create a garden that brings an eye-catching effect; your outdoor garden space will become one of the most beautiful. Modern landscape design ideas.

drought tolerant landscaping ideas

A shade backyard garden

The green lawns, bushes, and gravel paths along the garden will be one of the backyard xeriscape ideas for your home.

a shade backyard garden

A partial sun backyard gravel

The image of the garden and the gravel path partly helps to cover the “bad points” of the land in your garden, reducing the possibility of slipping very well. Bring natural beauty but equally sophisticated to outdoor backyard living space.

Besides, you can plant some fresh green plants to harmonize this outdoor space.

a partial sun backyard gravel

Privacy backyard concrete paver

Concrete is an indispensable part of housing construction; even using concrete to make floors or line garden paths is also essential.

With high aesthetic features, durability, and high strength, there is no reason why concrete garden flooring is popular in backyard landscape designs.

privacy backyard concrete paver

Backyard gravel formal garden

Pebbles used to pave the garden are no longer strange materials; you can see them a lot in garden decoration projects such as decorating small potted plants, spreading yards, etc.

Using gravel in backyard xeriscape ideas helps bring high aesthetic value to your garden area.

backyard gravel formal garden