In essence, river rocks are rocks, gravel, or rocks taken from river beds or other locations. You know, river rocks can be used in many places, including patios, rain gardens, beds, containers, walkways, and edgings to create landscaping river rocks. Follow Mile High Land Scape to discover ideas to refresh the garden landscape!

Stone Path

Paving the path in the garden is essential to improve the aesthetics of the entire structure of the living space and ensure people’s safety in the movement.

The anti-slip ability to pave stones is completely guaranteed because they will go through cutting, torching, grinding, etc.

stone path

Gravel Patio

Stone is a Material property, often used in paving works, decorative miniatures, or even to create a minimalist private space to receive guests.

gravel patio

Create a Dry River Bed

A dry river bed filled with only gravel is one of the most novel landscaping river rock ideas for areas with complex soil drainage problems.

create a dry river bed

Gravel Firepit Area

The reception space is designed with only stones, looking dry and cold. But it becomes warmer thanks to the circle of fire pits, creating a space to connect conversations.

gravel firepit area

Gravel Patio and Container Garden

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlandscaping river rock is minimalist, including only potted plants and a cobblestone patio. Although it seems simple, this is a creative idea in landscape design.

gravel patio and container garden

Easy Path Construction

Creating a gravel path is quite simple and saves time. First, you need to prepare a flat surface, add a layer of fabric, spread a little sand, and finally a gravel base, and you’ve got yourself a pea gravel path.

easy path construction

Pea Gravel Driveway and Entry

Gravel is a material that is easy to use and is not too picky to build walkways or driveways.

The use of gravel to make a moving area for people will help avoid slips and falls because of its high friction feature.

pea gravel driveway and entry

Rock Garden with Creeping Groundcovers

In landscape design, the combination of green grass and gravel layers, river rock is prevalent.

This combines two harsh and complex elements of gravel and soft, flexible grass.

rock garden with creeping groundcovers

Simple Weed-free Flower Beds

You are someone who does not have too much time to take care of bonsai and is too afraid to pull out the weeds regularly. So why not try implementing the landscape idea below.

Plant beds of flowers and plants and do not reinforce a layer of gravel to help prevent the growth of weeds.

At the same time, adding a layer of gravel on the surface of the bonsai will help regulate the temperature of the soil, warm the soil and stimulate root growth.

simple weed free flower beds

Water Feature

Rocks, gravel, and water will be a great choice in many landscaping river rock ideas that cannot be mentioned in the Water Feature image.

water feature

Create a Zen Garden

Zen garden is one of the art gardens originating from Japan, incorporated into the garden landscape as a suitable environment for cultivation.

Mountains, water, and rocks will be the main elements that make up almost 90% of the garden landscape.

create a zen garden


Another landscaping river rock idea for you is to use river rock and gravel as decorative accents for plants in your garden.


Xeriscape with Gravel

Areas with low rainfall will be suitable places to implement landscaping river rock ideas.

Succulent, drought-resistant plants such as cacti or vines will be combined with gravel and rocks to create a desert garden that looks a bit dry but is exceptionally calm and attractive.

xeriscape with gravel


Succulents are certain plants that cannot be missed in the construction list of the garden river rock project. They are often used for ornamental purposes and grow in arid climates or soil conditions.

starring succulents

Build a Stone Sculpture

Only river stones of various sizes and shapes, when stacked or logically arranged together, create a masterpiece of art.

With ingenuity, you have an impressive work of art placed in your garden.

build a stone sculpture

Combine River Rocks and Clumping Grasses

A simple garden corner formed by a harmonious combination of native grasses, gravel, and small rocks creates a striking small garden landscape.

combine river rocks and clumping grasses

Pebble Pots

An exciting creation from potted plants that are held together by stones. You can ultimately create beautiful pots for your small garden by yourself.

image pebble pots

Landscaping river rock to line a fence

Want to highlight your fence with ideas that can save time in care and maintenance?

Imagine a border consisting of sporadic bushes and pale river rocks.

This would be a simpler, more maintainable alternative to billowing borders that still look great. To complete a modern setting, add a pointed lamp for a bright evening glow, a statue in the garden, or maybe a tiny waterfall.

Alternatively, if you want to take it a step further, think about painting your garden fence in a modern color, such as stylish grey, moody black, or transparent white.

landscaping river rock to line a fence

Border a wildlife Pond

River stones are usually found near rivers, lakes, or small ponds. And you can find them at the pond in your yard.

Make your garden look new by renovating the vacant space into a small pond with pebbles, river rocks, grass, moss, etc.

border a wildlife pond

In a rock garden, combine vibrant flowers

Suppose you are looking for landscaping river rock ideas to decorate your garden with the contemporary styles currently on the market.

In that case, you can plant flower beds, lawns, and gravel borders to create a friendly landscape. Environmentally friendly, helping to erode the soil and limit the growth of weeds.

in a rock garden