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Mile High Landscape can expertly install and maintain your sprinkler system. Give us a call for your free estimate at (303) 877-9091.

An underground irrigation system provides a convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape has the water needed without over-or under-watering. A properly watered lawn and landscape will increase the visual appearance of the property.

One of the key components to healthy plants and a green yard is water. Ensuring proper design to fit your landscape is crucial to the watering needs of turf and plants alike. Mile High Landscape Irrigation Services include: installation, professional design service to customize the system layout which increases the system efficiency, winterization and spring start-ups, maintenance and emergency calls.

How to choose a quality irrigation vendor?

A contractor should bring the following expertise and skills:

A contractor should understand the property needs
A contractor should provide a formal estimate, detailing anticipated parts, labor and work to be performed
A contractor should have the ability to perform after-sale service
The company must hold a Limited Power Limited Technician License

Rain Sensors

A rain sensor is a device that should be attached to your irrigation system to measure rainfall. The purpose of a rain sensor is to monitor rainfall levels and overrides controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation. This will save water and potential extend irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and preventing irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.


Proper Winterizing of an irrigation system is very important and necessary to prevent freezing. Winterization includes turning off the main shut-off valve to the underground piping and using high pressure compressed air to blow out excess air and water from the pipes. An irrigation system requires a professional service to insure all parts of the system have water removed, which will expand during cold weather freezes.